Creative Business Financing (CBF) has been in the commercial funding business since 1982 specializing in conventional and private financing needs. At CBF , we are sensitive to the fact that every loan must be structured around each client’s unique set of financial circumstances. Business loans, commercial mortgages and private loans are some of the lending services offered at CBF.

Creative Business Financing Says Yes When All Others Say No!

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We can setup lending anywhere in the United States but since we are located in New Jersey, we specialing in providing loans and lending services to business and commercial entities located in the Tri-State Area: New Jersey, NJ, New York, NY, New York City, NYC and Connecticut, CT.

We can virtually assist any company that is unable to secure financing through traditional sources, especially if their needs are immediate. Below is a small list of how we are able to help various businesses fulfill their borrowing needs.

We can finance up to 85%
of an acquisition price.
Do you wish to take advantage of supplier discounts? Do you need to increase your credit line? We can help!
Looking to build or acquire? We have programs that can provide equity as well as mezzanine financing.
The interest rate you are paying may be higher than ours...we may be able to lower your rate AND extend the terms of your loan.

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